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Hamecozyme II


Hamecozyme II is a complex and stabilised enzyme preparation for improved feed utilisation and feeding efficiency. Hamecozyme II is an optimised combination of high-quality enzymes that meets the market need for cutting feed costs by increasing energy efficiency. Various types of enzymes are essential to poultry feed, each one having its own specific role and function. Corn/soya based diets benefit mostly from xylanase. Although NSP enzymes are generally considered to be interesting in wheat/barley based diets, latest research is clear on the benefits of xylanase in all diets, including those without wheat/barley. Wheat, barley, and corn diets will need also beta-glucanase as this enzyme really affects digestibility of the specific NSP in barley and wheat. Proper application of enzymes increases the flexibility in feed formulation in terms of raw materials used and incorporation rates.



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