Over 30 years experience in feed additives

Hameco Agro B.V. was founded in 1992 and is an active global player in developing and providing specialist feed additives (dry and liquid) and products for oral use which are both innovative and according to GMP+. Hameco’s products are sold in over 20 countries by means of established distributors in key markets worldwide. The combination of a personal approach and short lines of communication allow for highly effective and successful business.

Hameco’s product portfolio composes of the following categories: antibacterial and digestive aid, energy booster, enzymes, feed flavourant, feed preservation, growth promoter, nutritionals, immunity enhancer, and toxin binder. All products come in particular designed packaging to ensure constancy as well as the best shelf life. Our primary purpose is comprehending animal’s health and nutrition in order to aid our customers in realising optimal animal performance. As to do so, Hameco’s technologies are developed and produced by quality assured state of the art plants in Europe.  

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Our poultry line

Hameco's poultry product portfolio offers solutions for all kinds of poultry.

Our ruminants line

Hameco's ruminant product portfolio offers solutions for all kinds of ruminant.

Our fish line

Hameco's fish product portfolio offers solutions for all kinds of fish.

Our pig line

Hameco's pig product portfolio offers solutions for all.

Our feedmill line

Hameco's feedmill product portfolio offers solutions for all kinds of feed.

Our history


Founded in Zwolle, The Netherlands, with a focus on Eastern Europe.


Extented product portfolio and global expansion.


Launch of EU- standard products.


Currently operating in over 4 continents


Rely on our global network of distributors

In regard to resolving our customers’ problems Hameco has created a reliable global network of distributors driven by our collaborative relationship.