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Feed additives Dry

Feed additives Dry

Hamecotox is a complex hydrated aluminum silicate for the adsorption of mycotoxins in feed. Mycotoxins are extremely toxic by-products of fungal metabolism, ranging from large complex molecular structures to simple three carbon derivatives. They are extremely difficult to remove and enter the feed chain while maintaining their toxic properties. The world’s most regulated mycotoxins in feed are the aflatoxins and there are several major types; aflatoxin M1, B1, B2, D1, G1 and G2. The most important species is aspergillus flavus. Poor storage and transport conditions will often lead to contamination of aflatoxins. To reduce the exposure to mycotoxins, diverse adsorbing agents can be added to the compound feed. Hamecotox, is a well known mycotoxin detoxifying agent: it adsorbs organic substances either on its external surfaces or within its interlayers.



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