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Feed additives Liquid
Hamecosaldox Liquid

Feed additives Liquid

Hamecosaldox Liquid is a well balanced synergistic and concentrated antioxidant combination enforced with bacteria inhibiting preservative for the protection of animal feedstuffs. Autoxidation is a series of destructive chemical processes that occurs in organic materials. It is a complex process whereby the chemical nature of affected molecules changes. Especially animal lipids and poly unsaturated fatty acids are extremely vulnerable to autoxidation. Vitamins for instance lose their metabolic potency due to autoxidation, pigments loose their pigmentation potential. In the process fats and oils yield unattractive odours and taste, they become rancid and unpalatable. The oxidation process can be stimulated in the presence of bacteria and moulds. A combined approach to reduce oxidation and microbial development is the best prevention.



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