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Feed additives Liquid
Hamecosal Liquid

Feed additives Liquid

Hamecosal Liquid is as a well-balanced mixture of powerful organic acids and salts which helps to reduce the level of pathogenic microflora in animal feed and feed raw materials for farm animals, including birds. The presence of micro-organisms in animal feedstuffs and in the production environment in general are a major concern for feed and animal producers, for the consumer and for health authorities. The ubiquitous presence of Salmonella, their serious health and economic risk call for thorough hygiene management throughout the entire process from feeding to meat processing until consumption. The organic acids in Hamecosal Liquid helps to reduce the pH level in the feed and gastrointestinal tract of animals. They penetrate the bacterial cell, disrupting the acid-base balance and so causing the death of pathogenic microorganisms. The additive has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial action, as it inhibits the growth and reproduction of salmonella, escherichia coli, clostridia, etc.



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