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Feed additives Liquid
Hamecomould Liquid

Feed additives Liquid

Hamecomould Liquid is a mould inhibitor to prevent spoilage of feed and raw material from detoriation by mould and yeast. Animal feed should be in excellent condition to ensure its maximum nutritional efficiency in intensively grown poultry and livestock. Mould growth in feed and raw materials continues to be a significant challenge in the animal industry. Moulds consume feed nutrients and produce toxins which cause many disorders and deficiencies in animals. Feedstuffs should be kept free of mould and toxins during their storage and long enough until they are consumed, as mouldy feed can lead to huge financial losses for feed and animal producers. The ingredients of Hamecomould Liquid, their respective concentration and their synergistic effect are ideal in order to achieve a broad spectrum of activity against moulds, yeasts and other micro-organisms.



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