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Solution for oral application
                                                                       Article number: 1003574

POULTRY: Starting up of chicks, during rearing and laying, rickets, osteomalacia, beginning of egg production, prevention of diseases, stress, treatment of deficiency symptoms, drop in egg production, treatment a post-treatment of infectious and parasitic diseases, adjuvant of therapeutic or preventive interventions as vaccination, disorders in fertility, shipping, incubation and hatching, feather-picking and cannibalism.
LIVESTOCK: Reproductive disorder, malformation in young animals, rickets, fatigue, abdominal distention, metabolic irregularities, anorexia, reduced production in the ovaries, testicular degeneration, night blindness, growth and appetite stimulant, during vaccination, periodically during gestation, infectious and parasitory treatment undergoing, before reproduction period etc.

  • Poultry:                        
    • Day old chicks upto 4 weeks of age: 1 ml per liter of drinking water or 1-2 ml per 20 birds.
    • Grower, broiler and pullet: 1 ml per liter of drinking water or 1-2 ml per 30 birds.
    • Laying birds: 1 ml per 4 liter of drinking water or 1-2 ml per 5 birds.
  • Cattle (adult): 5 ml per animal per day.
  • Calf, Sheep & Goat: 1 ml per animal per day.
Usually one day treatment is sufficient, but can be repeated after one week, if necessary.
Stable for at least 2 years, when stored in a dry and cool place. Color change does not affect performance.

1 liter bottle, 5 liter jerrycan, 25 kgs jerrycan, 200 liter drum or 1.000 liter IBC-container.