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Liquid mould-inhibitor/water activity controller
                                                                       Article number: 1003587

HAMECOMOULD-LIQUID is a liquid product with a wide action: It not only kills moulds effectively, it also binds free water.

The benefits of HAMECOMOULD-LIQUID can be summarized as follows:

HAMECOMOULD-LIQUID prevents moulding, even during prolonged storage.
  • No energy losses through heating.
  • No deterioration of technical results through the development of mycotoxins.
  • No bridging in silo.
  • Feeds remain palatable.

HAMECOMOULD-LIQUID sees to a homogeneous distribution of moisture.
  • The reduction in the amount of free moisture offers extra protection against mould growth. 
  • There is a less chance of moisture accumulation in the silo, as the Aw value is stabilized.
  • The moisture balance can be controlled; There is significantly less difference between the calculated and actual moisture percentage.
  • Considerable energy savings during pressing occur.
  • Owing to the complete penetration of the free water the flow properties of the feed are improved; Less chance of bridging in the silo.

HAMECOMOULD-LIQUID is user-friendly.
  • Non-corrosive, no damage to production equipment.
  • Non-toxic, harmless to human beings and animals.
  • Environment-friendly, fully biodegradable.
  • Automatic application by accurate and reliable dosage equipment.
  • Excellent distribution throughout products by means of the HAMECOMOULD-LIQUID/water premix.

  • Grain, bruised grain, other raw materials and complete feed at moisture content up to 14%: 0,5- 1 kg/MT
  • Grain, bruised grain and other feed raw materials, moisture content from:
    • 14-15%: 1- 3 kg/MT
    • 16-18%: 3-5 kg/MT
    • 18-20%: 5- 7 kg/MT
    • 20-22% : 7-9 kg/MT
    • 22-24%: 9-10 kg/MT

Stable for at least 2 years, when stored in a dry and cool place.

25 kgs jerrycan, 1.000 liter IBC-container.