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Salmonella killer for animal feed
                                                                       Article number: 1002605

Salmonella contamination of feed and feed raw materials can be major potential problem for livestock producers. Grains and oil seeds have lower (1 - 3%) incidence of Salmonella contamination than do ingredients obtained from animal byproducts (5 - 85%). Non-pullorum Salmonella serotypes, such as typhimurium, enteritidis and heidelberg, are the causative bacterial agents in most cases of reported for poisoning.
By treating raw materials and compound feeds with HAMECOSAL-DRY the infection cycle can be broken.

  • HAMECOSAL-DRY is based on organic acids and their salts.
  • HAMECOSAL-DRY is non-toxic to operators and non-corrosive to mill machinery.
  • HAMECOSAL-DRY is a fine free flowing powder and is easy to mix. It can be mixed with all normal ingredients in feed without any interactions.
  • HAMECOSAL-DRY is very stable for pelleting conditions.

HAMECOSAL-DRY is most effective in feed and raw materials with a relative high moisture content. In that way the active ingredients in HAMECOSAL-DRY can more easily distribute throughout the treated products.

Contaminated feed and water ingested by the bird enters the crop where there is a high moisture content and a sufficiently low pH to eliminate a high percentage of potential pathogens. The presence of HAMECOSAL-DRY in the crop should effectively minimise the risk of salmonella infection from this source.

  • Finished feed: 4 kgs / MT
  • Animal-meal, bone-meal and other ingredients of animal origin: 6 kgs / MT
  • Fish-meal: 14 kgs / MT

Where the risk of Salmonella infection is great the dosage can safely be increased to +30%.

Stable for at least 2 years, when stored in a dry and cool place.

25 kgs bag.