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                                                                       Article number: 1003586

HAMECOMOULD-DRY is a powerful mould inhibitor that effectively controls mould growth while it reduces losses due to heat or oxidation. HAMECOMOULD-DRY is very suited for incorporation at high levels in premixes.
HAMECOMOULD-DRY is a synergetic mixture or organic acid and their salts: Acetic acid, Sorbic acid, Propionic acid and salts. HAMECOMOULD-DRY is non-volatile and user-friendly.

The development of moulds (C.F.U./g)using HAMECOMOULD-DRY and Calcium propionate; pig feed, moisture content 13.8%

HAMECOMOULD-DRY is a white-brown free flowing powder with good blending properties. It is compatible with all ingredients in animal feed and can be used in high dosages in premixes without the hazard of vitamin degradation.

HAMECOMOULD-DRY prevents moulding in feed and grains, even during prolonged storage at unfavourable conditions.
  • Controls heating and bridging of feed and raw materials.
  • Improves feed efficiency and nutrient retention.
  • Reduces the factors that cause mycosis in poultry and also leg problems due to moulds in the litter.
  • Improves palatability.

  • Compound feed of up to 13% moisture: 0,8 – 1 kgs per MT.
  • Premix in such a way that 0,8 to 1 kgs of HAMECOMOULD-DRY is prevalent in the finished product.
  • Raw materials, such as grain and the like, as a protection during storage over 2 months or more:
Moisture content
up to 13%
Dosage rate
0,8-1 kgs/MT
2 kgs/MT
4 kgs/MT

Stable for at least 2 years, when stored in a dry and cool place.

25 kgs bag.