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                                                                       Article number: 1002759

It is quite a challenge to take sanitary measures at the hatchery, controlling the infection via the peak by oral ingestion and to prevent salmonella in breeding flocks. Because of the high pH in the vegetation, poor acid production in the stomach, salmonella can easily multiply and transfer to the intestine. In the intestine they will attach and colonize and be excreted via the faeces, ready to infect the surroundings again. 
Normal feed additives are not effective in controlling vicious salmonella strains. Therefore it is critical that all main routes contribute to the excretion and spreading of Salmonella.

HAMECOBAC contains multiple barriers to stop and control Salmonella in poultry. It is a blend of organic acids and salts specially designed to control pathogenic bacteria in raw materials and feeds.

HAMECOBAC has the following benefits:
  • Control bacteria
  • Reduce feed contamination (acids and salts)
  • Block the salmonella attachement
  • Prevent invasion & virulence
  • Reduce multiplication of Salmonella

  • Feed: 1 - 3 kgs/MT
  • Protein Meal: 3 - 6 kgs/MT

Stable for at least 2 years, when stored in a dry and cool place.

25 kgs bag.