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A naturally derived feed treatment that protects the nutritive value of feed and encourages maximum of genetic potential.
                                                                       Article number: 1002689

  • 1999: Fear of cross resistance to human drugs results in EU ban on antibiotic growth promoters (avaparcin, tylosin, spiramycin, virginiamycin and zinc bacitracin)
  • Demands from pig and poultry producers for a suitable natural alternative that would:
    1. Maintain performance.
    2. Suppress sub-clinical microbial infections
  • HAMECO AGRO B.V., leaders in microbial control systems, develops HAGRO – a highly effective product backed by science.
  • HAGRO is a highly concentrated and stable mixture of organic acids and salts with antimicrobial activity in animal feeding. It also contains plant derivatives.
  • Antibiotic growth promoters not used? 
  • Replacement by HAGRO has been proven scientifically and commercially to give equivalent, often better, performance.Control of pathogenic bacteria (inc. Gram positive).
  • Antibiotics growth promoters in use? 
  • HAGRO has been shown to give further improvements in performance over and above any existing performance enhancer or antibiotic treatment.
  • Secondary control of moulds and toxins.
  • Protects feed nutrients.
  • Enhances feed digestibility.
  • Allows better use of nutrients for improved performance.
  • Stable under extremes of temperature.
  • Non-antagonistic to therapeutic antibiotics.
  • No residue in meat or eggs.
  • No withdrawal period.
  • No contribution to drug resistance.
  • Ingredients approved  by the EU.
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Health status
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  • Registered and approved  by local authority.

  • Growing Poultry               1 - 2 kgs/MT
  • Weaning Pigs                   4 – 6 kgs/MT
  • Growing/Fattening Pigs        2 kgs/MT

Usage rates may be safely increased in situations of high bacterial challenge.

Stable for at least 2 years, when stored in a dry and cool place.

25 kgs bag